Sandy S.

My name is Sandy and I’m a very active middle aged man that had very bad teeth until I met Dr. Forde.  I still chew bubble gum and love to eat, especially sunflower seeds and all kinds of nuts, so I put my teeth through a lot.  I figured I had a least twenty plus years left to eat all the awesome good food I could so I started to research my options.  I’m sure you’ve heard of those people that offer a whole new mouth in one day but I just didn’t like the idea – that’s just too fast and rushed for me.  Dr. Forde was recommended to me so I went to see him.

My advise to you is don’t try to take the cheap way out becuase that’s all you will get – cheap service and cheap teeth.  I decided to have a full mouth reconstruction including implants and I have to say, from the time I went in for my surgery I never felt any pain or discomfort.  The Dr. has amazingly gental hands so  I never felt a thing.  What was even cooler was I never had to leave the office without teeth in my mouth – I always walked out with a full smile.  Modern technology is the best.  Please don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your smile and appearance – people remember you from their first impression of you.  Let them remember the great beautiful smile and positive attitude it gives you.  Dr. Forde and his team of experts will give you that smile and put that positive attitude back in your life.  Just keep smiling and enjoy all the great food you can eat!