Sandy S.

My name is Sandy and I’m a very active middle aged man that had very bad teeth until I met Dr. Forde.  I still chew bubble gum and love to eat, especially sunflower seeds and all kinds of nuts, so I put my teeth through a lot.  I figured I had a least twenty plus years left to […]


Why did you want to become a dentist?

I’m surprised at how many times I’ve been asked this question. The answer is part of a longer story that started with me wanting to be a psychologist

It’s healthcare not retail…

I frequently see patients for an initial consultation who want my opinion about a plan that was presented to them in another office. The impetus for seeking my opinion often is a sense, on the patient’s part, that they were being “sold” something that they didn’t need. Unfortunately, this feeling is, at times, a correct one.

Blandine J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Forde for the past 3 years. I walked in to his office stressed with sweaty palms knowing that I needed major work! Dr. Forde and I met a few times to discuss my situation at length before making a decision. During each visit I was impressed with the […]

Jana C.

Over the years I had been to several dentists and not one listened to me about the fact that I am slow to numb up and because of that I was afraid to go to the dentist.  A few years ago I was referred to Dr. Forde by a friend and although I admit I […]